Morning poetry

my morning poem for 18 march 2024 .

Every morning, just after waking, I begin my journal entry for the day.

It always starts the same, I write down my daily habits list, add three circles for my three most important tasks of the day, and then I draw a line, leaving about half the page open for poetry.

This poetry is always spontaneous, more so than in the rest of my day. It’s like I’m still half in dreams and half in the world and the poems reflect that.

I always write them down so fast, not caring about legibility, just about getting my poem out.

And, sometimes I love them, sometimes I don’t. It doesn’t matter though. I don’t write these to be recognised, I write them for my muse.

I write in my dawn sunlight of words breaks through my clouds and infuses me with the bright light of a brand new day full of opportunities for words to find their home