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Reconnecting with my writing, one blog post at a time.

I fall for the blogging trap every single time.

I blog at a very simple platform and then, inevitably, I think: oh no, it’s too simple, that’s why people don’t read my posts…

So I spend my energy setting something up, and I love it. Then, inevitably, putting up blog posts is costing me more of the energy that I don’t have, and my blog falls by the wayside until I go back to the simplicity.

I’m back on because miss the simplicity.

Also because I’ve just read about sites like WordPress and Tumblr selling user data, and I ponder why I even WANT to bother writing.

But I do. I want to write about writing and creativity in general because I know I have something to say, something to share. I have writing experiments to do, poems to write and funny stories to tell.

And I want to set myself free, posting something written in a flurry, with minimal editing, because, believe me, I’ve fretted about wording in my blog posts so much and so often, there are two drafts on my main blog that I wrote last week and the week before, and they are just sitting there because I feel it needs edits but I don’t know what.

So, this blog isn’t going to be perfect, and I accept that. Because not blogging? That’s not an option.

I’ve been a blogger since the blogger pro days, so I know it’s in my system by now.

Time to let words happen when I feel the urge to write them.

Let’s go!

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